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          Complete plans with pictures for anyone with alitle welding skills can complete there own portable water well drilling rig.A rig that drills water wells or geothermal.          

          These plans show you everything you need to build to start drilling for water for your own backyard water well. This rig uses 1 electric gearmotor,230 V, power 3,5 kW, reversible, the presence of thermal protection and short circuit protection.
          This simple design uses a small vertical electric engine and though  reduction turns a bit to drill through soil to a depth of 150 feet or more.

          Our rig drills up to 70 meters. Build your own water well and drilling rig with our plans  (engineering drawings ) and ( or )training video-discs.
           How to drill your own borehole with our plans? Our man portable
Drilling rig drills up to 70 meters (250 feet). We sell our plans
for the rig plus a book "The Little Encyclopedia" for novice
drillers - contains all the basic materials to help the beginner to
Drill Watery well. Our drilling rig drills the stone. We sell a
complete set of plans about our rig - 13 sheets of paper with connection schemes.


         See the drill in operation.


        Portable water well drilling rig.