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Price -US $ 2,000.00

Man portable water well drilling rig-drills up to 70 meters.

      We have offered, through this project, the lightest, the most portable, most flexible and cheepest water well drilling rig for the world market today. The ultralight water well drilling “ ALSTEPAN” rig 80m is used for drilling (30…80 m deep) water wells, having small diameters (Ш 230 mm borehole), which can be cased with plastic tubes of small diameters (Ш 110x5,4 - 180x 6,5 mm) being glued or screwed. The exploitation of the water wells is done with a new generation of electric water pumps (submersible pumps having small diameters (Ш100mm) or surface types having Venturi down to hole ejector tube). The water drilling rig is offered for a large market made of small land owners, small entrepreneurs, small business enterprises, small farmers etc., and it has a huge market succes in Ukraine and also in European Union and world, because it has the best price/quality ratio for water well drilling.
The rig uses the classical method of drilling known as: Mud Rotary Drilling, with direct circulation of the mud drilling fluid. The powerhead engine turns the drill stem which has a Drill Bit screwed into end. As the Drill Bit drills down into Earth, the mud Pump recirculates a drilling fluid down the drill stem and out the drill bit. This drilling fluid is pushed up the borehole and flows into a mud pit. After the cuttings (soil, sand, clay) flow into the mud pit, the heavier cuttings settles out of the drilling fluid and the Mud Pump pumps the drilling fluid back down into the bore-hole to repeat this process. The Mud Rotary drilling method of drilling is very common and is the same method that the oil drilling rigs uses.
The drilling line (drilling stems and drilling bit) is rotational driven from a small gasoline engine (four strokes, vertical shaft, power=6 Hp). The drilling head contains also a centrifugal clutch for in-load starting (also acting as safety device and as a uncupling device for isolating the drill stem from tha engine during the screwing, un-screwing the drilling pipes) , a heavy-duty planetary gearhead, the heavy-duty bearings of the drilling head, power swivel for pushing the drilling fluid in the drilling line while it is rotating, the acceleration command device of the engine
The maneuvering (raising and lowering with a drill pitch) of the drilling line is done from a manual ratchet drawwork through the maneuvering system (mobile pulley type) with consist of a crown block sheave and a traveling block sheave. The drilling head is guided on the both front mast columns, the third back mast column is sustained the drawwork. The pushing of the drilling bit is done by the weight of the drilling head and by the supplementary weights hanged from the drilling head. The drilling bits and reamers are covered for hardening through brazing with granules of tungsten (wolfram) carbide. There are also used three blade bits 230mm diameter, armoured with tungsten carbide chips and three cones bits Ш215 mm diameter. After the casing with the WALROM 140x5.4mm PVC Tubes (having collar, thread, oring seal and SCREEN filters with 03-05mmm faints), it is done the de-silting, the clearing and the putting in production of the well, which is done with the MAMOUTH pump (2.5 KW electrocompressor), using the air-lift procedure.

          Technical-economical features.

Electric gearmotor   Electric gearmotor,230 V, power 2,5 kW,
reversible, the presence of thermal protection and short circuit protection
Connection to AC power, 230 v
drilling depth
Maximum drilling depth H = 70 m. The rig is boring hard rock, sand and floaters, allowing you to drill up to 70m
Diameter borehole
The maximum diameter of the well depth of 50 m, D = 300mm, depth 70 m, D = 250 mm.
Electric winch
Electric winch motor power P = 1,5 kW capacity electric winch 600-800 kg.
Drilling technology
The rig uses the classical method of drilling known as: Mud Rotary Drilling, with direct circulation of the mud drilling fluid.
Well is drilled and plant around the casing in a single day.
Casing for the water well exploitation

Always is respected the “rule of thumb”: The diameter of the casing is always with 50mm less than the diameter of the well borehole:

For the well borehole of H=80m deep and diameter of D=Ш230mm:

-plastic well casing PVC Ш140x2,2mm, L=2m with socket and rubber seal, glued

-plastic well casing PVC Ш140x5,4mm L=2m, with TPN thread, produced by VALROM Ind.


1.First version- standard with an electric gearmotor  230 V, power 2,5 kW

Price- us $ 2,000.00

2.Second version with reinforced construction and small gasoline engine (four strokes, vertical shaft, power=6 Hp)

  Pice- us $ 3,625.00


 See the drill in operation.